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A clip from Nino Ricci on Pierre Elliott Trudeau Who is the real Pierre Elliott Trudeau? Join Nino Ricci as he weaves together the life of a man bred to lead a separatist Quebec but who ultimately becomes the greatest voice for a united and egalitarian Canada.

A clip from the literary biography of Mordecai Richler The literary biography of Canada’s most loved satirical writer, this episode takes you to the Montreal of Mordecai Richler’s childhood, and reveals the truth behind this man of fiction, who universalizes the Canadian Jewish experience for all.

A clip from Charlotte Gray on Nellie McClung   From humble prairie farm girl to winning women’s right to vote, McClung’s whirlwind career as women’s suffrage and temperance activist set her place as one of the most important women in Canadian history. Charlotte Gray tells the story of this funny, frank and charismatic woman, through…

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A clip from episode six.   Margaret MacMillan shows us the other side of Canada’s first funny man. World-famous satirist and professor of Political Economy, Stephen Leacock is a keen commentator on human nature.  The first true champion of Canada, he showed us how to be proud of being Canadian.

A short clip from Rudy Wiebe on Big Bear   A tragedy viewed rather as a triumph of will. Rudy Wiebe tells the story of one of the greatest leaders Canada has ever known. Non-violent, a believer in discussion and diplomacy, Big Bear is the earliest forerunner of the traits Canadians today pride themselves on.

A clip from Lewis DeSoto on Emily Carr   Join Lewis DeSoto as he travels through the life of Emily Carr and her beloved landscape of British Colombia. From childhood talent through struggles for acceptance in a male-dominated art world, Carr’s drive to paint and her unique vision shine through her paintings and her life…

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